Membership programs in salons are growing in popularity. They can increase client loyalty and bring in a reliable revenue stream.⁣

What is salon membership program?

Think of it as a Netflix membership – Instead of paying each time for a service, clients pay a set monthly fee and get a limited or unlimited service options based on the level and may get a discount on additional services.⁣

What are the benefits of offering a membership program?⁣

More appointment bookings

Clients benefit by receiving additional benefits at a lower cost and will visit your business more often to take advantage of the membership program⁣

Increased Sales

Memberships are a great way for up-selling additional services and clients are more likely to try something new.⁣

More new clients

You can add a “bring your friend” option to allow members to bring their friends for free a couple times a year⁣

Steady cash flow

Clients pay for their membership before any services are even provided. Even in the months that they do not claim any benefits, you will still receive that revenue.⁣

Memberships will likely result in more appointments and members will want to get prioritized so you will want to make sure you can add more staff, extend business hours or limit the number of memberships or restrict them to certain days of the week.⁣

Do you have the resources necessary to manage a membership program?

At the very least, you will need to be able to track redemption and billing history to know who has paid their fees and if they’ve already claimed⁣
the benefits available to them.⁣

With Schedule Anyone, you can easily create, sell and manage memberships! Beyond that, Schedule Anyone will help organize your appointment schedule, client data, reminders, payments, marketing, inventory, and more.⁣

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