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Reopening your salon with Schedule Anyone

Whether you’ve just reopened or planning to reopen you will have to take certain precautions and safety measures to protect both your staff and your clients. Schedule Anyone is with you every step of the way. We have added new features to help your business limit the number of clients that need to be inside your salon at a time and eliminate physical between front desk and clients as they arrive for appointments or make payments.

Mobile “Touch-less” Client Sign-In

We’ve added a brand new “Mobile Client Sign-In” feature to help your business during this time. As many salons are trying to limit the number of clients inside the salon and continue social distancing, this new feature allows for clients to sign-in (or check-in) for their appointment while remaining in the cars or outside the salon. When a client signs-in, the staff will receive a text message (if enabled) and the appointment color will change to a deep pink color on the calendar. The staff can then notify the client when they’re ready for them to enter the salon. This feature reduces the number of clients inside the salon and ensures staff has time to sanitize the chair and workspace for the next client.

To enable and customize the Client Sign-In screen:

Go to Profile-> Advanced -> Click on “Customize Client Sign-In Screen” and check the “Enable Touchless Sign-In” checkbox. Customize the Sign-In screen to your needs and the information you need from the client during the Sign-In.

Card on File feature

With Schedule Anyone, you can securely save a client’s credit card or debit card information for future transactions. You can enter the client’s card information directly on the client profile by clicking the “Add Card On File” button. Then you can simply charge the card on file for services and retail purchases. This helps cut down the number of times you staff has to handle credit cards and has to physically interact the credit card machine. This feature is available on all our plans. You must have a merchant account with us to take advantage of this feature.

Prepayment for appointments

Another option for touchless payment is to encourage clients to prepay for future appointments. You can make pre-payment required for some or all of your services or even make them partially required like a deposit. You can add a pre-payment policy to inform clients on how it helps you make the transaction touchless and also add a reminder for clients to include tip or gratuity as part of the payment so they don’t have to do another payment transaction at the salon.

To configure Pre-payment for Appointments:

Go to Profile-> Advanced -> Payment tab and click on “Process Payments when clients book online” button.

Coping with these changes may be challenging but we are working actively to support your business, your staff and your clients. With these features, we hope Schedule Anyone can help your business adhere to the reopening guidelines of your location. We will keep adding new features and innovating for you – our customers!

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