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How to make more money when you re-open your salon

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Many states are relaxing restrictions and opening back up for business. When you do open up initially many of you may work reduced hours and maybe see a limited number of clients. You may also want to space out your clients a little bit instead of back to back clients so you have time to do your sanitation procedures between clients.

So how can you keep your revenue the same as it was before quarantine or how can you increase your revenue post-Covid world? The answer is to get creative about generating revenue. Any way you can bring money into your business at this time is a big big plus. Whether you’re business is still closed or you’re planning to re-open these strategies will help you boost your income when you’re ready to reopen.

Gift Cards

You’ve probably heard about selling gift cards a million times by now. Maybe some of you are not sure if you’re clients are interested in gift cards or that setting up gift cards is complicated. One thing we’ve seen with a lot of our customers is that their clients are concerned about their favorite salons and they do want to support them during these hard times.

Gift cards are a no-brainer strategy especially now if you’re business is closed. But even otherwise they are a huge money maker for salons and its something you have to do once and they will continue to generate money for your business in the months to come.

Gift cards very easy to setup with Schedule Anyone. Our gift cards are digital so selling and redeeming them will be a touch-less transaction and you can market them online on your social channels and promote them via email marketing to your client list. If you’re clients haven’t heard from you in a while then email marketing is also a great way to reconnect with your clients while at the same time promoting your offers.

Gift Card Tips:

To incentivize your clients to buy gift cards, offer them an additional gift card that is 15-20% the value of the gift card they purchase. So if a client buy a gift card for a $100 give them an additional gift card for $20 to use for themselves or to give it to a friend.

Create and Promote packages

Some of you maybe wondering why would your clients want to buy your packages? Why wouldn’t they wait until you reopen? This is why you need to get creative with your marketing, try new things and be flexible.

Make these packages special by adding bonuses like a $10-$20 gift card with the purchase of a package along with a thank you kit. For every purchase of the package send your client a thank you kit with a handwritten note and some product samples to show your gratitude.

Similar to gift cards, promote these packages online, on social media and via email marketing.

Promote Retail Sales

Pick a few products that your clients would love in the post-Coronavirus environment. Staying inside during lockdown, your clients don’t have their hair in the best shape and have experienced the effects of not going to a salon for a couple of months. Think about the problems your clients experienced during the lockdown and the products that will help them mitigate the problems they experienced with their hair.

Put together gift sets or kits with two or three of these products and market them as a post-quarantine pampering kit. Encourage your clients to buy these kits by offering a bonus $10-$20 gift card with the purchase of gift sets or kits above $100 or more.

Talk about your gift cards, offers and promotions

When clients are in your chair, mention your gift cards, special offers and promotions to them. Ask them if they missed someone’s birthday or couldn’t celebrate an important milestone with a loved one and if they’d like to purchase a gift card to give their friend or family member.

Mother’s day is around the corner and your clients are thinking about their Mom’s especially now since they can’t see them. Ask them if they’d like to pamper their Mom with a gift card or package purchase.

Email Marketing

Your clients want to hear from you. Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your clients and get the word out about your gift cards, your special offers and promotions. Get into the habit of emailing them at regular intervals – they will love to hear from you.

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Through all the stress and difficulties that you’re facing, we hope you find some time to work on some business-building activities as well. There are so many things we can all do to move forward in business. It just takes some courage to try new things and get creative.

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