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Automate your client communication with Schedule Anyone

Client No-shows can be annoying and frustrating and it can cost a lot of money if not properly addressed. Communicating with clients personally can be time-consuming and unreliable. Fortunately, Schedule Anyone automates your email and text reminders and confirmations so clients know where they need to be and when. ⁣

⁣⁣Once a client has booked, automatic email and SMS reminders alert your client that they have an appointment with you a day or a few days beforehand. In the message, they’ll be presented with the option to confirm or cancel the appointment.

Take control of your schedule and ensure your books are full. Schedule Anyone provides powerful rules to customize your client communication, and we’ll automatically send clients messages based on your custom conditions.

All your messages will contain your logo, brand colors, images and social media links.

If you do have a client that doesn’t show up to an appointment, Schedule Anyone will record the incident. You can pull up the Client No Show report and see all clients who have a history of not showing up and enforce your no-show policy, if necessary.

Besides reducing no-shows and reducing admin work, email and text can be used to send marketing messages like  offers, special promotions, or even a change in your business’s opening hours. It’s much easier and faster than typing individual messages from your cellphone, and our plans are very affordable!

Signup for a free 30 day trial and start sending automated reminders and confirmations to your clients and cut down on all the phone time you’re probably spending reminding clients of their upcoming appointments.

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